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My name is Charlotte Michos, a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

Legal nurse consultants save money and time by

“Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together”

Do you practice law and/or handle medically related cases? Let me help you decipher the medical, nursing and overall health aspects of the case. As a clinical nurse specialist with over thirty years of experience in the health field, and certified in legal nurse consulting, I can provide expert insight on the inner workings of the healthcare system.

Specialty areas:

  1. -Adult health

  2. -Infectious disease

  3. -Occupational health (work-related or industrial health cases)

  4. -Pharmaceutical

  5. -Orthopedics

Clients: I review and interpret medical records for attorneys, insurance companies, and other agencies. I deliver valid information and analysis of the medical aspects of a case and any necessary summations of my review.

As a member of the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (NACLNC®), I provide the following services:

    • Screen cases for merit

    • Assist with discovery

    • Review medical records to determine factors contributing to the damages and/   

      or injuries

    • Identify deviations from standards of care and record tampering

    • Conduct research that is medically-related to the case

    • Organize, translate, and interpret medical records

    • Prepare reports and summaries needed for the case

    • Assist attorneys with interviews of clients and healthcare providers

    • Make recommendations for other work products

    • Help with certain preparations such as input for interrogatories,   

      depositions, trial proceedings, court demonstratives*, etc.

*I have a strategic partner who can create and produce all types of demonstrative materials (charts, PowerPoint, maps, diagrams, animations, video, etc.).

Call me today at 845.548.5980

or email me: cmichos@hvc.rr.com

NOTE: The information you will obtain at this site is not legal or medical advice. You should consult an attorney or a physician for advice regarding your individual situation.

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